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Opaline Home

Sholeh Djahanbani has over 30 years of experience in interior design, project management and landscape planning. Opaline Home, her Princeton-based residential interior design firm, specializes in mixing elegant and comfortable furnishings with fine art and antiques.  Sholeh has an innate appreciation of timeless design and does not adhere to a specific style or trend.  Her blend of traditional and modern creates a beautiful and welcoming home; a home that is not only pleasing to the eye, but a reflection of her client's personality and lifestyle.  Sholeh will guide you through the entire process from every major decision down to the smallest finishing detail.

About Sholeh

Growing up, Sholeh spent countless hours in European auction houses where her appreciation and passion for design began. She attended international schools in Switzerland, Austria and the Middle East before attending Smith College and Yale University.  Sholeh speaks several languages fluently and much of her style is drawn from her international background.  She is a  graduate of and teacher at The Isabel O'Neil studio workshop in NYC, an internationally renowned center for the preservation of renaissance techniques and painted finishes.

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